NendoGuide 2.2

NEW: Wishlist for Nendoroids "Pre-order" list for Nendoroids support for £ (Pound Sterling), S$ (Singapore Dollar) and PHP (Philippine Peso). Badges on the home screen: see the number of your likes etc. at a glance. UPDATED: The overviews now look nicer. The Nendoroid information can now also be viewed sideways on the smartphone. Tutorials renewed and adjusted. bug fixes

NendoGuide 2.1.2

The memo view has been revised (Nendoroids are now grouped according to memo text) and you can transfer existing memos to other Nendoroids.

NendoGuide 2.0

NendoGuide accounts: Register for free and synchronize your NendoGuide data across all devices. Furthermore, many visual changes have been made, such as a menu restructuring or a new memo view.

NendoGuide 1.7

An update to version 2 of NendoGuide will take place soon. This information was stored in the main screen. In addition, links to the new NendoGuide news channel have been incorporated. Have fun with NendoGuide!

NendoGuide 1.6 now available!

NEW FEATURES: – If an entry is displayed for which there is also a DX entry (or vice versa), you can now switch directly to the corresponding entry using a button at the bottom right. – The information banners can now be hidden. They can be displayed again in the settings. – The number of entries in the grids to be loaded at the same time

NendoGuide 1.4 now available!

NendoGuide 1.4 is now available for free. NEW FEATURES: The category selection in the search has been enlarged and visually adjusted. New view: Trending – find out which entries are currently the most popular! New view: History CHANGES: It is possible to search for multiple categories at the same time. BUG FIXES: In the Japanese version, the entry names are displayed in the “Most

NendoGuide 1.3 now available!

NendoGuide 1.3 has recently been available free of charge in the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. NEW FEATURES: Similar entries are now suggested in each entry. The Nendo images are now zoomable. CHANGES: You can now search for a specific number using a hash (#) in the search field, e.g. #1203. After using search opens

NendoGuide 1.2 now available!

NendoGuide 1.2 is now available with further improvements and new data: New functions: New view on the home screen: Show all entries to which you have added notes. New view in the menu: Monthly rankings - see each month which Nendos were most popular in the past month! In the navigation menu, the news button now lights up yellow when