NendoGuide 1.6 now available!


- If an entry is displayed for which there is also a DX entry (or vice versa), you can now switch directly to the corresponding entry with a button at the bottom right.

- The info banners can now be hidden. They can be displayed again in the settings.

- The number of entries in the grids to be loaded at the same time can now be changed (in the settings) - on newer devices this number can be increased without experiencing a loss of performance.

- It is now possible to search for specific Nendoroid numbers (e.g. #001 or #1234) with a hash (#) in the search field. The hyphen is no longer required for DX entries (1234dx -> 1234-DX).

- "Nendoroid Swacchao" added to the search category filter.


- The grids that had a "Reload" button can now be updated by pulling the entire grid down if it is at the top.

- The history is no longer in the main menu, but is displayed in the top right corner of the home page.

- Design adjustments (loading icons)

- A NendoGuide survey link is now displayed.

- With a long tap on the share button in an entry, only the link to the entry is copied (without the share text).


- The number of images of the DX entries is now displayed correctly.

- When the search is opened, NendoGuide hides the grid in order to save resources.

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