Super Lane Racer 1.2

Super Lane Racer 1.2 for Android and iOS has been available to you since yesterday afternoon! We have added the following innovations for you: Worldwide rankings are now available! Upgrade prices adjusted The arrows in the upgrade window can now be used to switch between upgrades. Statistics adjusted Game balance adjusted from 16000 meters Coming soon

Super Lane Racer for / for iOS

We are glad to announce the availability of Super Lane Racer in the Apple App Store for iPods, iPhones and iPads!

Super Lane Racer 1.1

Today we released version 1.1 of Super Lane Racer. The following changes await you with the update: When collecting coins, crystals and fuel, you will now see a small text showing how much you have collected. Adjusted coins required to purchase upgrades. The game is a little slower from 4000m onwards and only becomes more difficult a little later. If

Super Lane Racer 1.0

Today we released Super Lane Racer 1.0! We look forward to your valuable feedback. Today, we released Super Lane Racer 1.0! We are looking forward to your valuable feedback.