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NendoGuide is a free app that provides you with the latest information about Nendos, Nendo Dolls and their accessories, upcoming pre-orders and the latest releases.

You can search for almost any information, such as names, series, release dates, description texts and more, and take a closer look at every Nendo.

Don't forget to mark the Nendos you like with a heart and the ones you have with a box icon to keep track of the ones you have or want.

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Find information about Nendos, Nendo Dolls, Playsets and Accessories.

View the Nendo information and images directly in the app.

Find entries with upcoming pre-order deadlines so that you can order them on time.

News about NendoGuide

  • NendoGuide 1.6 now available!
    NEW FEATURES: - If an entry is displayed for which there is also a DX entry (or vice versa), you can now switch directly to the corresponding entry with a button at the bottom right. - The info banners can now be hidden. They can be displayed again in the settings. - The number to be loaded at the same time [...]
  • NendoGuide 1.5 now available!
    From today the free update NendoGuide 1.5 is available in the stores! NEW FEATURES: CHANGES: BUG FIXES:
  • NendoGuide 1.4 now available!
    NendoGuide 1.4 is now available free of charge. NEW FEATURES: The category selection in the search has been enlarged and visually adjusted. New view: Trending - find out which entries are currently most popular! New view: History CHANGES: It is possible to search for several categories at the same time. BUG FIXES: In the Japanese version [...]
  • NendoGuide 1.3 now available!
    NendoGuide 1.3 has recently been available free of charge in the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. NEW FUNCTIONS: Similar entries are now suggested in each entry. The Nendo images can now be zoomed. CHANGES: A hash (#) in the search field can now be used to search for a specific number, e.g. #1203. To […]
  • NendoGuide 1.2 now available!
    NendoGuide 1.2 is now available with further improvements and new data: New functions: New view on the start screen: Show all entries to which you have added notes. New view in the menu: Monthly rankings - check out every month which Nendos were the most popular in the past month! In the navigation menu [...] lights up