Super Lane Racer 1.1

Today we released version 1.1 of Super Lane Racer. The following changes await you with the update:

  • When collecting coins, crystals and fuel you will now see a small text about how much you have collected.
  • Adjusted coins required to purchase upgrades.
  • The game is a bit slower from 4000m and only becomes a little more difficult later.
  • If a car now appeared on a pre-warning line, it no longer appears and the pre-warning line remains.
  • If you set a new record, you will now see that.
  • Small text adjustments

We wish you continued fun with Super Lane Racer!

Today we have released Super Lane Racer version 1.1, including the following changes:

  • When collecting coins, crystals and fuel, you'll see a little text showing how much you've collected.
  • Coins required before buying upgrade adjusted.
  • At 4000m and above, the game is slower and later becomes difficult.
  • If a car spawns on a prediction line, the prediction line will now stay and the new spawned car will not appear.
  • You can see on the Game over screen if you beat the current record.
  • Small text adjustments

Have fun with Super Lane Racer!

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