A fast-paced arcade racing game for playing anytime with many unlockables.

Super Lane Racer is a free game for Android and iOS. Try to drive as far as possible using the intuitive touch controls without crashing with the accommodating cars.

  • Try to drive as far as possible without crashing (otherwise your car will be damaged).
  • Collect canisters to fill up your tank and drive even further.
  • Collect coins to upgrade your cars to get advantages.
  • Use the gacha-like system with 13 different cars in which you collect crystals. Can you unlock all the cars ?!
  • Various special skills help you to set a new record, to be briefly invincible or to collect a lot of coins and crystals in a short time.
  • More cars and content will follow in the next versions!

Supported languages:

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Super Lane Racer news

  • Super Lane Racer 2.2 now available
    From today version 2.2 of Super Lane Racer is available free of charge in the app stores for Android and iOS. This is new: The 2020 Christmas calendar is available from December 1st. available (get a gift every day until the 24th!) A new car with a new special skill was added … Read more
  • Super Lane Racer 2.1 now available
    New features: When collecting coins, the number of coins received and in the event of a crash the amount of damage is now displayed as a pop-up above the car. Additional background music is now available during the game. The title being played is selected at random when the game starts. When the tank is empty (and you … Read more
  • Super Lane Racer 2.0 available
    We are happy to announce that Super Lane Racer 2.0 is in the starting blocks - after the app stores have checked the apps, it will be completely redesigned, but will still be available for free! The new version relies on pixel graphics and many new functions (success system, more dynamic games, special skills) … Read more
  • Restart of the leaderboards on October 1st, 2020
    In the course of the new update of Super Lane Racer, which we will publish on September 30th, 2020, we will reset the current leaderboards. Super Lane Racer 2.0 works in a completely different way and with the new rules different results are possible. To keep it fair, the leaderboards will be reset on January 1st, 2020.
  • Super Lane Racer in a new look in September 2020
    We are happy to inform you about the new Super Lane Racer! At the end of September 2020 we will finish the new version of Super Lane Racer. We have completely revised them and you will have great new cars with special effects and achievements. The innovations at a glance: Completely … Read more