A fast-paced arcade racing game for playing anytime with many unlockables.

Super Lane Racer is a free game for Android and iOS. Try to drive as far as possible using the intuitive touch controls without crashing with the accommodating cars.

  • Try to drive as far as possible without crashing.
  • Collect fuel to drive even further.
  • Collect coins to upgrade your cars to get advantages.
  • Summon more than 20 different cars by collecting crystals. Can you unlock all cars?!
  • More cars and content will be released with the next updates.

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‎Super Lane Racer: Rennspiel
‎Super Lane Racer: Rennspiel
Developer: teha-games
Price: Free

English screenshots:

Super Lane Racer news

  • New Super Lane Racer update in summer 2020
    In the summer of 2020 we will provide a new version of Super Lane Racer, where you can enjoy the game in a new guise. More details will follow soon 🙂
  • Super Lane Racer 1.6
    Version 1.6 of Super Lane Racer is now available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store! Several changes have been made in this version, including the "Summons" now under "Garage". Version 1.6 of Super Lane Racer is now available on the Google Play […]
  • Super Lane Racer 1.5
    A memory issue has been fixed in the newly released version 1.5. Many thanks to the players who reported the problem! In version 1.5 a problem with the save system has been fixed. Thanks to all players who reported this problem!
  • Super Lane Racer 1.4
    In version 1.4 of Super Lane Racer you can expect many innovations, such as new cars or an advent calendar, with which you get coins and crystals every day. And on the 24th there is a special gift 🙂 12 new cars! From December 1st to 24th you can use the in-game advent calendar to […]
  • Super Lane Racer 1.3
    Today we released version 1.3 of Super Lane Racer! Innovations: Rarely appear and shields that protect you from crashes. Signs can be improved in the upgrade window. Some decoration now appears on the edge of the field. The player names in the leaderboards are now displayed correctly. Super Lane Racer is now in Italian, […]
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