Super Lane Racer 2.1 now available

New features:

  • When collecting coins, the number of coins received and in the event of a crash the amount of damage is now displayed as a pop-up above the car.
  • Additional background music is now available during the game. The title being played is selected at random when the game starts.
  • If the tank is empty (and you are therefore permanently losing HP), the entire tank display flashes to show this visually.
  • A button has been built into the car selection that shows the probabilities of the individual cars when they are pulled (link to the website).
  • The animation when dragging the car can now be skipped.


  • The orange line that announces very fast cars (from approx. 4500 meters) is now red and animated.
  • The remaining times of signs and the HP absorber (from APC and tractor) are now displayed directly above the car.
  • When activating the skill "HP + 100" (red car and buggy) a sound effect is now output.
  • The parameters of the cars (steering, regeneration and size) were adjusted to a certain extent (balancing).
  • The animation of the HP absorber has been adjusted.

Fixed bugs:

  • From about 7000 meters the vertical steering became very fast. This has been adjusted.
  • The achievements for "Spend 5 Crystals" and "Spend 20 Crystals" could not be obtained. It is now possible. Any player who should already have these achievements will receive himself the next time a car is pulled.
  • Fixed a bug when pulling cars.

Thank you for all the positive feedback and suggestions for improvement and have fun with Super Lane Racer!

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