Super Lane Racer 2.2 now available

As of today, version 2.2 of Super Lane Racer is available for free in the app stores for Android and iOS. This is new: The 2020 Christmas calendar is available from December 1st. available (receive a gift every day until the 24th!) A new car with a new special skill has been implemented A new achievement is

Super Lane Racer 2.1 now available

New features: When collecting coins, the number of coins received and in crashes the amount of damage are now displayed as a pop-up above the car. Additional background music is now available during the game. The title played is chosen randomly when the game starts. When the tank is empty (and therefore you permanently lose HP), flashes

Super Lane Racer 2.0 available

We're excited to announce that Super Lane Racer 2.0 is in the starting blocks - after reviewing the apps by the app stores, it will be completely redesigned, but still available for free! The new version relies on pixel graphics and many new functions (achievement system, more dynamic gaming, special skills) and new cars. left to