1. Super Lane Racer
  2. gameplay
  3. Items


You can collect lots of items during the game. These are the following:

coinCollecting a coin brings you several coins to your coin account. The higher the current distance and the higher that Bonus Coins Upgrade, the more coins you get by collecting a single coin.
crystalA crystal increases your crystals account by exactly 1. With crystals you can get new cars.
canisterWith a canister you refill your tank while driving, if you drop it to 0 you have lost. The higher you do that Upgrade "Max. Tank" and the Bonus Tank Fill Upgrade the more tank is restored.
signA sign protects you from all collisions with oncoming cars. Each sign only works for a few seconds (with an increased Bonus Shield Upgrade a little longer) and loses some durability with every collision.

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